Looking Ahead To 2009 – Lets Make More Entrepreneurs

By Chris in Website News

Hello Entrepreneurs, and Happy New Year! 2008 was has seen radical changes in the world, many friends, contacts, companies have had to cut down their operations, and many have had to face difficult situations. But with change comes opportunity, and I have seen some great examples laid off staff building their own projects and startups, and finaly starting what they always wanted to do in the first place!

With the economy in crisis, and a new year ahead of us its time for reflection, new resolutions, as well as planning for the year ahead.

So what is Indie Startups going to be doing in 2009?

Well, first off we are back from holiday, therefore will be able to blog more frequently about the latest bootstrapped startups, and inspirational projects going around. Also I am very keen on helping startups take their projects to the next level, so will be publishing a series of guides covering important topics from finding good JV partners, to building your audience, and ensuring that your project either generates revenue or looks attractive to investors.

Also this blog is very much about your startup projects – Therefore use our contact form to let us know about your projects so that we can feature the best ones and get you added coverage.

2 Responses to “Looking Ahead To 2009 – Lets Make More Entrepreneurs”

  • Wesley:
    January 10th, 2009
    11:25 am

    Good to hear you’ll be regularly updating this site from now on, looking forward to it.

  • chris:
    January 10th, 2009
    7:48 pm

    I like this blog. Here’s wishing you a good 2009.

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