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Motivate yourself: Drink some water.

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Okay, I’m sure you all are aware of the importance of water. Now, I’m not referencing the shortages of fresh, or clean, water in the world – I’m talking about water in your body. Its one of the fundamental necessities of life. Not to begin a begin a boring health lecture on a start-up blog here, I’ll get right to the point. 

A few days ago I came across an article guest written by Alex Shalman on John Chow’s blog. The article was called “With better health comes more money online”, and later went on to introduce what I’d like to share with you today. Shalman brings up a list of nine things one can do to benefit your healthy workflow. The first suggestion on the list goes something like:

Drink A Tub Full of Water. The recommended daily water intake is 64 ounces on average. However, the majority of people walk around dehydrated for most of their lives. Water gives you energy, focus, and motivation. Drink more.

This seems easy enough, but I realize how many times I’ve tried to drink at least a glass of water per day, and how many times I’ve failed at doing this consistently. Fortunately, I ended up finding a great way of ensuring my daily water intake is at least something, and this ‘way’ is what I’ll be teaching you with this post.

My theory is very simple, and its very possible it won’t work for others, but I’ve been doing this frequently and it works well for me. Put a glass (or a bottle) of water on your desk. That’s it. If I ever have any beverage sitting next to me as I work on tha’ machine, consider it gone in an hour or two. It seems like I do this subconsciously, as I never realize that I’ve finished the water once I actually do. Try it out for yourself, see if it works, and if it does who knows? You may feel more energized, and more motivated to do some work on your start-up.

To spice this post up, I’ve added a hopefully inspiration detailed documentation on how easily a glass of water goes down. Enjoy.

Fig. 1.1: Full glass waiting to be consumed.

Fig. 1.2: Nearly half of the liquid has been consumed

Fig. 1.3: Getting there

Fig. 1.4: Success!

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