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Stalk Twitter users Anonymously – TweetStalk now in private Beta

By Chris in Launched with 0 Comments

tweetstalk twitter stalker

Twitter is great but following someone leads to them receiving an email notification that a potential “stalker” is following them…Damn, the plan is foiled you think! Well don’t worry TweetStalk is here and it allows you to “follow” Twitter users without them knowing you are doing it. Normally Twitter will tell you when someone new has subscribed to your feed, but because this uses a Firefox Add-On and appears to modify the Twitter page itself via Greasemonkey you are then able to follow the person without them knowing.

On top of that, theres a neat RSS feed available too!

tweetstalk in action

Looking at their tracking, it looks like Nashville, TN based Sitening are behind the service. For the record Sitening are a technology focused web design and search marketing company which have previously released the sweet Snipplr and Raven SEO Tools.

Click here to check out TweetStalk today.

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23Jun – Letting you tweet when twitter is down.

Twitter has a wonderfully loyal and dedicated userbase so when twitter inevitability goes down people get rather annoyed. It’s also no secret that twitter has been having some recent scaling issues so twitter has been going down noticeably often. So often in fact that it prompted someone to make a handy “is twitter down?” website.

When twitter goes down, twitabit steps up. It lets you que up tweets that will then be submitted the second twitter comes back online.

I’m haven’t tested this out yet (twitter is currently up!) but it looks like it’s a handy little app for twitter addicts. Stick it in your bookmarks then next time twitter goes down you’re covered.

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12May – Social desktop backgrounds.

Some of you may have already heard of Desktop Nexus. They’ve been around for a while but this morning they released a new version of the site with some sweet new features. Building on top of the basic format the site now has a much higher emphasis on the community.

If you hadn’t already guessed the site boasts a massive selection of free to download desktop backgrounds. I spoke with 21 year old Harry Maugans this morning and found out a bit more information about the origins of Desktop Nexus.

A long time ago I ran a BMW forum, and we had a small wallpaper section. Well, that section grew shockingly fast, and I realized the demand out there for good wallpaper sites (not many exist). After that realization, I set out on a two year campaign to create the top source for computer wallpapers online. We want to become the household brand name, where everyone goes first (and last) whenever they get tired of their computer background.

This new version has taken almost a year to complete (the first, basic version took roughly two months). I’ve been messing around with the system for the past little while and there are some really quality wallpapers over there. It’s also a very useful site for finding twitter backgrounds.

If you feel your desktop background is a little un-inspired, head over to Desktop Nexus and change it.

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14Apr – Twitter Tech News.

By Jon in Development, Launched with 3 Comments

Launched a few hours ago, is a nice little resource for hot tech news.

The site pulls all its information and links from twitter using their API. They follow (what they call) “the worlds top tech twitter users”. That full list of people is available to view here.

What’s nice about it is news usually breaks on twitter before anywhere else. If you’re not an overly active twitter user or not a twitter user at all and don’t like the idea of following hundreds of people just for the off chance they might break some news this site is for you.

It’s a wonderfully simple idea and it’s definitely useful. It’s already got a decent amount of coverage. I asked my PHP buddy how much it would cost to develop such a website and he quoted me $250.

Just goes to show, if you have a bit of free cash and an idea, you can make things happen.

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Twitter: People you should be following.

By Jon in Resources with 11 Comments

Twitter. Love it or hate it there is no denying that it is a wealth of information that is here to stay. Whilst being widely applauded for being as open as possible with regards to the ways people can use it and it’s API, it does have one small drawback. Twitter is only as good as the network of people you’re following.

Using that logic I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of twitter users that are either industry leaders, news breakers or just interesting tweeters. All of which are worth a follow.


Bio: Web celebrity and blogger Mike Arrington. Making The World A More Ajaxy Place


Bio: CEO.


Bio: Tech geek blogger @


Bio: Alltop, Garage, and Truemors


Bio: I’m an American in Britain, running a small web company with my amazing wife.


Bio: I run 1938 Media.


Bio: Digg and Pownce owner and CEO.


Bio: Pownce lead developer.


Bio: I love my family more than life and I Host of this tiny wine show…WLTV


Bio: Average John. Social Media Junkie. Advocate.


Bio: I’m the ideas guy.


Bio: Currently ‘Senior Designer’ at Carsonified, but about to go solo.


Bio: I am the internet

This is another good resource if you’re looking to build up your twitter contacts. Also, don’t forget to follow David, Julian and myself. Please feel free to suggest additions to list this in the comments along with your own personal twitter link.

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