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Stalk Twitter users Anonymously – TweetStalk now in private Beta

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Twitter is great but following someone leads to them receiving an email notification that a potential “stalker” is following them…Damn, the plan is foiled you think! Well don’t worry TweetStalk is here and it allows you to “follow” Twitter users without them knowing you are doing it. Normally Twitter will tell you when someone new has subscribed to your feed, but because this uses a Firefox Add-On and appears to modify the Twitter page itself via Greasemonkey you are then able to follow the person without them knowing.

On top of that, theres a neat RSS feed available too!

tweetstalk in action

Looking at their tracking, it looks like Nashville, TN based Sitening are behind the service. For the record Sitening are a technology focused web design and search marketing company which have previously released the sweet Snipplr and Raven SEO Tools.

Click here to check out TweetStalk today.

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