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Twitter: People you should be following.

By Jon in Resources with 11 Comments

Twitter. Love it or hate it there is no denying that it is a wealth of information that is here to stay. Whilst being widely applauded for being as open as possible with regards to the ways people can use it and it’s API, it does have one small drawback. Twitter is only as good as the network of people you’re following.

Using that logic I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of twitter users that are either industry leaders, news breakers or just interesting tweeters. All of which are worth a follow.


Bio: Web celebrity and blogger Mike Arrington. Making The World A More Ajaxy Place


Bio: CEO.


Bio: Tech geek blogger @


Bio: Alltop, Garage, and Truemors


Bio: I’m an American in Britain, running a small web company with my amazing wife.


Bio: I run 1938 Media.


Bio: Digg and Pownce owner and CEO.


Bio: Pownce lead developer.


Bio: I love my family more than life and I Host of this tiny wine show…WLTV


Bio: Average John. Social Media Junkie. Advocate.


Bio: I’m the ideas guy.


Bio: Currently ‘Senior Designer’ at Carsonified, but about to go solo.


Bio: I am the internet

This is another good resource if you’re looking to build up your twitter contacts. Also, don’t forget to follow David, Julian and myself. Please feel free to suggest additions to list this in the comments along with your own personal twitter link.

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