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Easily Download Songs From MuxTape.

I made a post recently that showed a way of downloading songs from popular mixtape sharing website, muxtape.

After reading the article and looking at the number of tricky hoops people needed to jump though, programmer James Rose took it upon himself to make the process much quicker and easier. Simplicater was born.

It’s a very simple application. All you need to do is enter the url of the muxtape you would like to download and hit “fetch”. You’re then presented with a list of download links for all the .mp3s for that mixtape.

Simple, effective and very useful.



Muxtape & Muxfind are an awesome combination.

If you haven’t heard about muxtape yet you’re in for a treat. It’s a wonderfully simple website that lets you create “mix tapes” and share them with your friends. Launched in April they’ve already got some great traction and currently boast over 100,000 users.

The way the site is setup means it’s a great way of discovering new music you might not have otherwise listened to. Unfortunately up until now there has been no way of searching for songs within mix tapes that people have made so while it’s a great way of discovering new music it’s quite hard to find songs that you actually want to listen to.

Cue muxfind. A project by Jan Oberst that lets you search for songs on muxtape. You enter a song name and it’ll search the content of muxtape and bring back a list of mix tapes that include the song you specified. What’s great about this is that 9 times out of 10 the other songs that are in the same mix will be similar in style to the song you searched for and generally, you’ll like them.

That’s all wonderful, but the songs are still streaming from the internet. Although there is a way of downloading the songs to your computer so you can transfer them to your iPod and listen to them whenever you like. See the video tutorial below.