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By David in Startups

Concerned about the environment, or just like trading your clothing and accessories for some cool new ones? Remember, “One mans trash is a other mans treasure”. This is where Rehash Clothes comes in. Think of it as an online thrift store, in a social environment.

Each American throws away an average of 67.9 lbs of clothing and textiles per year. In total, that’s over 20,370,000,000! Billion; with a “B”. The vast majority of that, roughly 95%, can be recycled. The best way to recycle that clothing, a way that uses very little resources and manpower, is by having someone else wear it rather than shipping it off to the nearest landfill. By Rehashing, you become a part of a worldwide movement to lower your consumption and create a greener Earth for everyone.

Rehash Clothes is a project by Orpheux Design, and was developed by Appsy Daisy. It’s built in Ruby On Rails, and the site launched back in 2007.

Once you’ve joined the site, you can start putting up items you would like to trade, as well as items you’re interested in finding. Rehash isn’t involved in the shipping process. It’s solely done through the members.

The community behind the site seems extremely friendly, and motived in helping the success of Rehash. Make sure to check this site out if you’re interested in recyceling and helping the environment. You might even find that long lost jacket you’ve been looking for!

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