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alonetone is a really sexy website for musicians made by a musician. I came across the site a few days ago while looking for music resources and instantly fell in love with it. The site isn’t that new (launching late last year) but they recently launched a new version with a sexed up new design.

The concept is simple. Musicians can upload music to their account and share it with their friends. The site also provides a platform for discovering new music for musicians and non-musicians alike. The execution is seamless.

I managed to get in contact with the owner and found out a bit more about the origins of the website and concept.

I am a recording ‘bedroom’ musician, and I’ve offered my own music online (for free) for a really long time. I’ve spent a lot of time encouraging and helping other musician friends of mine record and share their music. I’ve always dreamed of a nice automated system that would help many more musicians get their music online for others to hear, without the stinky corporate feel getting in the way. Just music, people who make music, and their listeners and fans.

alonetone is different because it is non-commercial, run by a musician for musicians and is not trying to sell anyone anything. Tons of sites out there promise musicians money, fame, etc. Although this can seem attractive, it’s not really what a musician needs when they start recording and sharing music. It is another false promise from another company making profit from them (or trying to). It’s very unlikely that the musician will make any money by signing up with these other sites.

With alonetone, there is no reason to include money in the discussion. Maybe if the site explodes in popularity, it will need some help to pay the storage costs. But that is about it. The code is open source. The development is out in the open. I encourage the musicians to tell me what they are looking for and I try to develop something that will address their underlying needs. Really, it’s just all about the music and the people who make it.

Also, alonetone is a step in a larger ladder. I have many ideas about how music can look online. The biggest issue with online music is – how do you find music you will like? alonetone provides musicians with a home, but I’d also like to move in the direction of providing listeners with one too.

alonetone is an on-going project so if you find any bugs or issues while browsing the site please report them. It’s a great project with some honest goals and I really hope it does well.


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